Shooting the Gap

For some reason, I was recently thinking about doubles and the types of players that are getting the two-baggers. Why? No idea, but it did bring about some confirmation of my ideas.

First off, there are two types of doubles hitters. There is the power hitter who narrowly misses a dinger and has to settle for a double, and there is the line drive hitter who knows how to hit the gaps and get to second. But which one is better at hitting doubles? Let’s go to the data.
First, here is a table of the top 10 doubles hitters this year.

The one thing to take note of is the line drive percentage. They don’t hit a huge amount of fly balls, but instead drive the ball allowing hitters with less power to take the extra base. Next, let’s move on to the top 10 home run hitters this year.
Notice the difference in LD and FB%? Also, you can see that the power hitters are pretty solid doubles hitters, due to home runs falling short.
Is this of any real significance? Not really, but it is always interesting to look at the data and confirm your thoughts on a subject.

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