M’s Deal for Mike Koplove

In a small move today, the Mariners acquired reliever Mike Koplove from the Pirates. You may remember Koplove from his time with the Diamondbacks and Indians, or his minor league stints with the Dodgers and Phillies.

Koplove has a very strange motion, pitching at a stretched out sidearm angle. While his MLB numbers have not been fabulous, they haven’t been bad either. In 255 MLB innings, he has a 6.18 K/9, a 3.64 BB/9 and 4.06 FIP. His ground ball rate comes out to exactly 50% for his career, and his best pitch is his fastball (0.87 runs/100).
Koplove has been impressive throughout his minor league career, as well. He has a 7.08 K/9, 3.48 BB/9 and 3.84 FIP. He continues his ground ball ways, at a 52.8% clip in the minors. According to Minor League Splits, his MLE’s are a 6.03 K/9, 4.45 BB/9 and 4.54 FIP, proving that MLE’s aren’t perfect but can get damn close at times.
Due to his deceptive delivery, he will be able to pitch in the majors, but only as a middle reliever. He is a poor man’s Chad Bradford, and should be treated as such. Probably worth acquiring for the M’s (or any other team) because he is fairly low risk if you have a solid defense and provides good depth inside the organization.

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