Pitch F/x: Chris Tillman's Debut

Orioles prospect Chris Tillman made his debut last night, so let’s take a look at how he did. First, his line from his outing:

Baltimore IP H R ER BB SO HR ERA
Tillman 4.2 7 3 3 1 2 3 5.79

Now, let’s go to the Pitch F/x, in all its glory. Click on image to enlarge.
Fastball – 60 at 93.35 MPH
Changeup – 18 at 81.07
Curveball – 15 at 79.38
Now, he has some good movement on his curveball, and his changeup is ok. His fastball is a little straight for my liking, but he may be able to get away with it if he continues throwing it at 93 MPH.
Expect to see plenty more from Tillman this year, as he seems to be up in the bigs for good. He’s already proved himself in the minors (posted a FIP of 2.95 in AAA this year), so the majors are his next task.

One Response to Pitch F/x: Chris Tillman's Debut

  1. Mike Rogers says:

    His curve is such a hammer. He was leaving balls up in the zone from what i could tell when I brought up his strikezone plot and he was having problems locating all night — the walks indicate that. I had graphed out his Future’s Game appearance and it looked much better.
    The fastball is straight but he’s got an average change (maybe better) with good downward bite and his curve can be filthy.

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