Zito Gaining Speed?

Warning: Low(ish) Content

When running some pitch f/x numbers for an upcoming piece, I noticed Barry Zito’s fastball has been rising in velocity.
When Zito was having success with the A’s, his fastball was around 87 mph. It had dipped before he got to the Giants, but it has started to rise again.
Average lines are calculated approximations (if that makes any sense).
Click on image for a larger picture.

The numbers:
2007: 84.8 mph
2008: 85.1
2009: 86.3
One thing to note, is that the velocity of his fastball has been consistently dropping over his last few starts. Not a lot, but it is there. 
Not sure if this even really means anything, but with all the talk about Zito today, it’s a cool thing to look at.

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