From the Archives: Consistency

I just got back from vacation late last night, which is why my posting has been extremely slow of late. Hide the children, because with about a month until school, I have lots of free time to write. This is a feature I used to do at my old blog that I wanted to throw out here again because I didn’t have anything else to post for old times sake.

I have this huge archive of baseball sabermetric articles from a variety of sites that I’ve collected and saved over the last few years. From time to time, I like to share them with the newer members of the sabermetric world who didn’t see them when they first went to press.

This article, by THT’s David Gassko, is about consistency. In it, he questions the assumption that consistent players are better than
inconsistent ones. In other words, given the same two stat lines by two
different players, which player would you rather have-the consistent
one, or the inconsistent one? Here’s a bullet-point summary:

  • Is consistency a repeatable skill?
  • Does it matter one way or another?
  • Quality Starts says very little about the quality of a pitcher.
  • If one is better, then how much better is it?

To read the actual article, click this link. It’s a good one.


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