A lonely link dump

Note: We’re still taking emails from people about joining the StatSpeak team. It’s been much more work than I imagined, but we appreciate the interest from everybody who has written in. And I literally just thought of this 30 seconds ago: If you don’t want to write full time, but have some research you’d like the world to see, email me about submitting a guest post and we’ll see if we can work something out.

Usually link dumps are a whole bunch of links that are just thrown together with no apparent connection. I don’t have a whole bunch of links to share with you at the moment, but this one warranted its own post. I present to you Flip Flop Fly Ball–a site dedicated to creating awesome graphics about baseball like this one:


Click the image to enlarge. There are all kinds of cool things to look at on the site, including one about The Wu-Tang Clan and the E-Street Band (yes, you read that correctly). Go check it out.

(h/t: RAB–link includes interview as well)


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