Speed Score by Position

I’m not sure if this post will mean much, so there will be limited commentary on my part. What I did was export some leaderboards off FanGraphs and take some simple unweighted averages of speed scores. I used a 500 PA minimum from the last three years, since that’s the highest cutoff allowed. Without further ado, here is a chart of speed scores broken down by position, along with the range:

Yea, there are probably more instructive ways to look at this, but there’s no real meaning behind speed scores so this is all you get. I find it interesting that second base and third base are so different. I’m not sure if that supports or refutes the articles on FanGraphs from this winter about second- and third-basemen having similar skillsets. Also, there must be a lot of slow guys that didn’t get a ton of playing time that make up these samples. The average speed score is supposed to be around 5, and the average here is clearly below that.

Anything else that you guys see here? Also, for an explanation of what comprises these speed scores, go here. 


One Response to Speed Score by Position

  1. jinaz says:

    Love the catcher/DH/1B vs. everyone else split. If nothing else, it reflects expectations. -j

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