BP Idol

The ten finalists for BP Idol have been announced.  For those of you living under a Sabermetric rock for the last month or so, the people over at Baseball Prospectus are ripping off paying homage to that singing show where the British guy tells everyone that they’re dreadful.  I must confess that I’ve never actually watched American Idol.  (True story.)  But I will be watching BP Idol.  This will be fun.

Anyway, BP had their auditions and named their ten finalists, and whadaya know, there are some familiar names on that list.  Brian Cartwright, who not so long ago wrote for StatSpeak (and I think still has his login privileges… come back Brian!) is one of the chosen ten.  He’s joined by current StatSpeak writer Matt Swartz.  The two of them are clearly superior to the other eight finalists.  (Actually, I read through all the articles… there’s some really good stuff in there.  But Brian and Matt are better.  Vote for them.)

Throw in the fact that Eric Seidman made the transition from StatSpeak to BP a few months ago, and we’ve somehow managed to become the farm team for BP.

In any case, congrats go out to Brian and Matt.  You’ll do us proud.


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