Some rockin’ links

From the “stuff we’re reading” file: Derek Carty takes a look at predicting BABIP for batters.  He finds that a regression-based formula put together by Peter Bendix and Chris Dutton rates the best of them all.  This is a good next step.  There are multiple techniques out there for this (and for estimating a bunch of other things), so now we need to start looking at which is the best.  If there’s one place for a follow up, it would be making sure that the errors aren’t systematically distributed (does the formula over/under-shoot in a consistent manner for certain types of players), but one thing at a time I suppose.

While you’re at THT: Chris Jaffe has a list of 50 “closer” entry songs waiting to happen.  I suppose I know what mine would be.

Baseball game Hall of Fame?: Over at Beyond the Boxscore, there’s a delightful discussion of what games belong in the Hall of Fame.  I vote for this one… because I was there…


One Response to Some rockin’ links

  1. Dan Novick says:

    We could put the Merkle’s Boner game right next to Eddie Gaedel’s area.

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