Data dump: My homemade stats for 2008

With the release of the 2008 Retrosheet play-by-play file (yay Retrosheet!), I’m able to present my home-cooked stats for 2008.  As always, everything sorted by Retrosheet ID.


Quick description: It’s my Retrosheet-based fielding evaluation system (out probability added above average).  There are no catcher stats because the catcher isn’t often involved with batted ball plays.

2008 pitchers

2008 first basemen

2008 second basemen

2008 third basemen

2008 shortstops

2008 left fielders

2008 center fielders

2008 right fielders

Plate Discipline

Quick description: My plate discipline stats are based on signal detection theory and go beyond the simple walk/strikeout framework.  A high sensitivity is good, but the best number for “critereon” is 1.00, no higher, no lower.  Sensitivity is a measure of how good a player is at avoiding strikes against him.  Critereon (or response bias) is a measure of how likely he is to swing.

2008 plate discipline stats

Speed Scores

Quick description: I decided to go about looking at Bill James’s old speed score formula to see if I could do one better.  This is what resulted.  My numbers were slightly better than James’s in terms of reliability over time, but they are not fun to calculate.

2008 speed scores

Power Scores

Quick description: Same basic idea as the speed score.  But with power.

2008 power scores

All of these stats are free to use and/or re-publish provided that they are provided free to everyone and I get a mention.  Enjoy.


2 Responses to Data dump: My homemade stats for 2008

  1. Dan Novick says:

    Yay for stats.
    Just got my THT annual today also.

  2. Aaron B. says:

    Yay for Pizza Cutter. Thanks for your work.

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