Class of 2008 Senior Superlatives

Back in high school, I was editor of my school’s yearbook.  So, as part of my job, I had to read a lot of yearbooks from other schools to get ideas for our book.  Most schools had senior superlatives (“Most Likely to Succeed”, “Best Couple”, “Best Dressed”, “Weirdest Hair”), but we weren’t allowed to have them at my school.  Something about liability and lawsuits and people being offended… plus they were always poorly straddling the line between tawdry (Best “Eyes”) and classless (Best “Smile”).  Anyway, ever since I’ve wanted to give out a few senior superlatives, and with the release of the 2008 Retrosheet data file, I’ve been able to compile a few lists, using my own home-brewed stats (my speed scores, power scores, OPA!, plate discipline stats). 

Best Legs: Rajai Davis
(best speed score using my formula, min 100 PA)

Runners (hehe)-up:
Michael Bourn, Brett Gardner, Ichiro Suzuki, Eric Patterson

Worst Legs: Sean Casey

Runners… down?: Carlos Delgado, Kevin Millar, Billy Butler, Jason Varitek

Best Eyes: Nomar Garciaparra
(highest sensitivity rating on my plate discipline measure, min 100 PA)

Runners-up: Brian Giles, Yuniel Escobar, Luis Castillo, Ramon Santiago

Worst Eyes: Kelly Shoppach

Runners-up: Jack Cust, Brian Bixler, Wlademir Balentin, Sean Rodriguez

Most Likely to be a Swinger: Vladimir Guererro (who else?)
(highest response bias to swing, min 100 PA)

Swingers-up: Pablo Sandoval, Alex Cintron, Josh Hamilton, Alexei Ramirez

Least Likely to be a Swinger: Luis Castillo

Swingers-up: Dave Roberts, Scott Podsednik, Joe Mauer, Carlos Ruiz

Most Powerful: Ryan Ludwick
(best power score, min 100 PA)

Runners-up: Albert Pujols, Chris Dickerson, Nelson Cruz, Milton Bradley

Least Powerful: Brian Bixler

Runners-up: Dave Roberts, J.R. Towles, Tony Pena, Joey Gathright

Most Likely to Go Places: Ryan Howard (really!), Richie Weeks, J.J. Hardy, Bill Hall 
(infielders with the best range per ground ball by OPA!, min 81 EqG at the position)
*** anyone else notice a theme in that list?

Least Likely to Go Places: Ross Gload, Alexi Casilla, Derek “Pasta Diving” Jeter, Troy Glaus 

Best Hands: Adrian Gonzalez, Mark Ellis, Bobby Crosby, Kevin Kouzmanoff
(best fielding per ground ball by OPA!)

Worst Hands: Miguel Cabrera, Orlando Hudson, Stephen Drew, Mark Reynolds

Best Arm: Ross Gload, Asdrubal Cabrera, Cristian Guzman, Scott Rolen  
(best throwing per ground ball by OPA!)

Worst Arm: Mike Jacobs, Richie Weeks, Ryan Theriot, Edwin Encarnacion

He’s Such a Catch: Lance Berkman, Placido Polanco, Jhonny Peralta  
(best at not dropping balls thrown to them per ground ball by OPA!)
*-no 3Bs, because they rarely have to receive a throw

He’s Not a Catch: Jason Giambi, Felipe Lopez, Cristian Guzman  

Most Likely to Go Places (Outfield Edition): Fred Lewis, Cody Ross, Franklin Gutierrez
(best range on fly balls by OPA!)

Least Likely to Go Places (Outfield Edition): Jason Bay, Nate McLouth, Brad Hawpe 

He’s Such a Catch (Outfield Edition): Fred Lewis, Cody Ross, Gabe Gross
(best at not dropping fly balls by OPA!) 

He’s Not a Catch (Outfield Edition): Delmon Young, Wily Taveras, Justin Upton

Best Arm (Outfield Edition): Alfonso Soriano, Andruw Jones, Ryan Ludwick
(most runs saved via OPA! arm rating)

Worst Arm (Outfield Edition): Adam Dunn (shot!), Grady Sizemore, Brian Giles

The full data files will be up in a few days.


2 Responses to Class of 2008 Senior Superlatives

  1. Jacob says:

    i think richie weeks probably prefers dickie weeks.
    do the brewers really employ more/smarter/better defensive shifts on the infield then all the other teams?
    not being able to account for a fielder’s starting position in defensive metrics has, in my opinion, rendered these metrics virtually useless… but only because teams employ defensive shifts on the infield.
    however, if no teams employed defensive shifts, or all teams employed the same shifts then the zone based metrics would end up working by accident, right?
    which for many players seems to be the case… except the brewers…

  2. financing says:

    what is money? 🙂

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