Ultimate Zone Rating now available

Fangraphs now has MGL’s Ultimate Zone Rating available. This is fabulously exciting – for years we’ve been given limited peeks into the UZR data, but to have it presented like this is a great step forward for defensive evaluation. Combine UZR with some decent linear weights (and Fangraphs has wOBA now, too!) and some baserunning evaluation (perhaps, say, from Baseball Prospectus) and some positional adjustments – you’ve got the ultimate in player evaluation systems. (This sounds like a project, incidently).

This is different from the traditional UZR data in that it is based upon play-by-play data from Baseball Information Solutions, not STATS, Inc. (It still doesn’t like Ichiro much, though.)


One Response to Ultimate Zone Rating now available

  1. jinaz says:

    Colin, I just have to say that I’d be EXTREMELY excited if you were able to put together a system that involves all of these data. Especially if it can be updated during the season.

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