How to be a Saber-savvy blogger

From the “stuff we’re reading” file: Sky King over at Beyond the Boxscore puts up the first installment in his “How to be a Saber-Friendly Blogger” series.  It’s filled with some helpful tips for just-getting-started bloggers with Saber-sympathies (I need to stop using Saber- as a prefix to everything) but no degree in advanced theoretical hyperbolic calculus.  If you’re a StatSpeak reader and have wanted to get your start, but don’t know how to even begin, put BTB on your feed aggregator (you should anyway because of their general awesome-itude), and keep an eye out for the rest of this series.


3 Responses to How to be a Saber-savvy blogger

  1. Sky says:

    Thanks for your saber-friendly saber-linking, Saber-Pizza-Cutter. If anyone has topics they’d like saber-tackled, let me know.

  2. dan says:

    Forgot to mention this, but I just saber-started a saber-friendly blog like two weeks ago.
    So good timing on Sky’s part. Thanks for linking this here.

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