2008 Japanese Stats

The 2008 release of stats is now available at Michael Westbay’s Pro Yakyu site

There are two versions, both available as sets of tab dellineated .csv files. To open in Excel, you must use Data>Import External Data. They can also be imported directly to Access, but apparently you will need to define the field properties yourself.

There was a 2004 version that was available in an Access file, but the new files are more robust, including tables for games and stadiums that were not in the previous release.




3 Responses to 2008 Japanese Stats

  1. terpsfan101 says:

    If you could only pick one, whose database would you choose?

  2. Brian Cartwright says:

    After I posted this, I went back and saw that the Eng db still only goes to 2004…it’s Westbay’s that just got updated.
    I’m not sure, but now I get the impression that Eng might have done the first db, Westbay published it on his site, and then later Westbay did his own to keep it current.
    I’m currently browsing the new version and making comparisions to the 2004 version.

  3. terpsfan101 says:

    I ended-up downloading both. The Westbay has up-to-date statistics for current players. The database by Michael Eng is only updated through 2004. However, Eng’s database contains a lot more historical data than Westbay’s database.

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