Introducing the BaSQL wiki

Picking up where I left off in my SQL tutorial series, I’ve started the BaSQL wiki, which is meant to be a (hopefully, the) central clearinghouse for information on how to commit sabermetrics using a relational database.

The wiki is editable by anyone, but please remember: it’s supposed to be browsable documentation. If instead you have questions that need answering, there is a support group forum that goes along with the wiki. Go there and ask as many questions as you like.

This is only the start; I will be adding more pages as time goes on, and if you feel you have something to contribute, please add some pages (or edit existing ones) yourself.

This doesn’t rule out any further articles, by the way.


8 Responses to Introducing the BaSQL wiki

  1. lar says:

    Fantastic idea, Colin. A similar idea had just occurred to me a few nights ago. If done right, this could be a great resource to a lot of people. I’d love to help you out with this, if you need the help. I already applied for membership to the wiki. Let me know if I need to do anything else.

  2. Xeifrank says:

    Do you have any experience using a programming language like PERL to interact with MySQL. I am having trouble getting the DBI driver to work correctly with ActivePerl.
    vr, Xei

    I’m trying the same thing with getting PERL to interact with MySQL, and have found the book “Baseball Hacks” to be a great asset.

  4. Xeifrank says:

    Matt, I have that same book. But it doesn’t offer any troubleshooting advice and I can’t find what I want on the web. I am getting DBI driver errors when running a PERL script that attempts to connect/disconnect to MySQL running on my windows PC. It’s very frustrating.
    vr, Xei

  5. Brian Cartwright says:

    Frank, I have my Perl and MySQL up and running, I just haven’t started using them yet. I did walk Eric thru it over the summer. Off the top of my head, some things you have to check for are setting the default username and password for MySQL, and then entering the matching values in your Perl script. Right now I’m trying to get BBOS running, and I think I have the same problem – I just have to find the file that has the MySQL user and password defined, and then find where to enter it in the BBOS code.

  6. xeifrank says:

    Brian, as not to hijack this thread could you email me ( so I could ask you some questions as to how you got your Perl->MySQL interface up and running. Thanks.
    vr, Xei

  7. Colin Wyers says:

    Xeifrank –
    If you have those sorts of questions, it’s likely someone else does as well. That’s one of the reasons I set up the forum on the wiki – so that people could ask questions like that, and have a central repository to point to later when others have the same question.

  8. Xeifrank says:

    Colin –
    Ok, I just didn’t want to hijack the thread even though it is related to the topic somewhat. I will post my question over at the forum, hopefully it will be an active forum. Hopefully, Brian and others will be heading over there too.
    Thanks for setting all this up.
    vr, Xei

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