Who should be playing in tonight's All-Star Game

Last year, I brought out my proposal for “fixing” the All-Star game player selection process.


9 Responses to Who should be playing in tonight's All-Star Game

  1. Shouldn’t there be a consideration towards not taking injured players? Furcal hasn’t played since the beginning of May and Marcum has been on the DL for nearly a month.

  2. Shane says:

    I’m a Sox fan and I don’t blame you for bumping four Boston players. I think if you’re injured you should be off the ballot. David Ortiz is my favorite player, but he can’t play and he’s going to win the vote anyway, blocking somebody else that can play from winning a spot outright. Nobody wants to be second favorite. Pedroia has been great, but Kinsler has been greater. Papelbon has not been an allstar lately. And Varitek has the esteem of his peers…
    All in all I like your system and your team.

  3. Pizza Cutter says:

    How on earth did I miss that… brain fart…

  4. lisa says:

    well, i look at the ASG a little differently than you do because i don’t care about buddy boy and his stupid “this time it counts” garbage, i think the ASG is an exhibition game and it should be guys the fans WANT to see. in fact, i think the entire team should be voted for by the fans. it shouldn’t matter in the least who wins/loses. so if they want to see ken griffey hobbling in right, they should get to see him.
    the ASG isn’t an awards show, it is supposed to be an EXHIBITION.
    and, by the way, dontchu think there is something a little wrong with a system where you put injured players out on the field along with healthy ones? that is kewl for an AWARD, not an actual BASEBALL GAME!!!!
    and speaking as a FAN watching an EXHIBITION game, you know, those of us who root for lousy teams would really like to see at least ONE of our guys get a chance instead of The Usual Suspects. yeah, i know my team got lucky enough to have a numbers person this year, but hey, it’s not like i can’t watch all the numbers guys bout every day of the season if i want to.
    but if i want to watch a baseball game whose criteria of choosing players is some value over an imaginary terrible player who couldn’t exist any more than a pregnant man could, then that is what diamond mind is for.
    you know, i like most stats more than most fans do except fpor the idiocy of comparing real baseball players to non-existent ones, but this is really carrying stats stuff too freaking far.

  5. DanC says:

    If WPA/LI is all about hitting, why would you use it to measure pitchers? What am I missing here?
    And where’s your boy, Adam Dunn? I thought he was so much better than Jason Bay.

  6. Sky says:

    No fielding credit? Including it probably kicks off Manny, Markakis, and Quentin in the AL in favor of some combination of Upton, Damon, Dye, and Magglio. And in the NL, Carlos Lee, Ludwick, and McLouth would be replaced with some combination of Carlos Beltran (well, definitely Beltran), Giles, and Ankiel, and well, just those three, really.

  7. Pizza Cutter says:

    Dan Uggla proved last night that no one cares about defense in the ASG.

  8. dan says:

    WPA/LI works for pitchers just as well.

  9. kevin says:

    I agree with Lisa’s point. All the statistical effort in the article is based on the assumption that the team should be chosen based on stats for the first 80 games of the current season. Why should this be so? You at least need to acknowledge this bias and explain why it’s better than having players chosen based on their whole careers.

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