Sweatin' With the Oldies

Last week I touched on something veteran lefty Jamie Moyer mentioned with regards to evaluating pitchers in a given season.


2 Responses to Sweatin' With the Oldies

  1. Alan says:

    The best 45+! Moyer refuses to quit.
    Eric, with the stuff you’re finding out and comparing — and barring injury, obviously — how long do you think Moyer can keep this up? Think he could make it to 50 and still be pitching in the league?

  2. Alan, honestly, I would say next year and that’s it. As I mentioned at the start, a guy like Julio Franco got one AB every 2nd or 3rd day and that was it. Moyer has to overexert himself with an incredibly unnatural motion such as pitching for extended periods of time once or twice a week.
    He says he feels great but I don’t think we’re too far removed from seeing him get hit around really well, which pains me as a Phillies fan.
    If it were my decision, he would retire this year assuming he finishes the year throwing well. Go out “on top” so to speak rather than test yourself until you can’t go anymore.

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