You Don't Mess With the Johan

This offseason the biggest transaction clearly had to be Chad Durbin signing a 1-yr, < 1 mil deal with the Phillies.


4 Responses to You Don't Mess With the Johan

  1. Brian L Cartwright says:

    That his pitches that have less speed and movement are the ones more likely to go for hits and homers – I would think that this same pattern holds for most pitchers. I’d be interested in seeing this run for the league as a whole and for some other pitchers and see how the patterns compare to what you’ve found for Santana

  2. Brian, yep I would intuitively expect the same thing. Something I’m doing now is looking at BABIP based on movement that I’ll post soon, which may give some insight as to the likelihood of hits based on movement.

  3. […] From 2003-2006 his HR/9 ranged from 0.85-0.97; in 2007 it jumped to 1.36 as he allowed 33 dingers. I recently took a look at his Pitch F/X data over the last year and a half to see if he had done anything differently on hits as compared […]

  4. Tomjh says:

    As a Twins fan, I can tell you from experience that Santana’s stuff will improve as the season progresses. If you compare his numbers through 12 starts this season with his first 12 starts in any other season, I’m sure they will compare favorably.

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