‘Statistically Speaking’ Mission Statement

As the 2008 season gets underway Pizza Cutter and I wanted to let all of our readers know what to expect from our sabermetrics post. For the last few months we have offered a wide array of articles:Pizza analyzed from a strategic point of view, I analyzed from more of a statistical evaluation standpoint, and Mike Fast made graphs with red markings that apparently are really interesting (we miss you, Mike). Mike has moved onto The Hardball Times full-time so Pizza and I have discussed a new type of schedule in order to maximize our posts and readership.
For starters, expect at least four or five posts per week.
We are going to begin roundtable discussions as a feature–to be conducted each weekend–which will be posted every Monday. We welcome all participants and will discuss different types of baseball subjects bethey statistics, theory, strategy, history, you name it. Anybody interested in conversing with us needs only to e-mail Pizza or myself. Our first participant will be John Beamer, of the Chop ‘n’ Change blog here at MVN as well as The Hardball Times. Expect that Monday.
Every Saturday will consist of a sabermetrics week-in-review, of sorts, aptly titled TWINS: This Week in News and Sabermetrics. The recaps will feature links to other interesting articles across the sabersphere as well as updates with my Cy Young Predictor (a derivative of the Bill James predictor)and an MVP Predictor I will be introducing.
Tuesday and Thursdays will consist of research-related articles from both of us. Each of these will stay up for about two days in order to give each due time to be read. Our posts generally take a long time to research and we want to make sure they stay up long enough to get proper feedback and/or support.
I also plan on introducing my GM evaluation method with one GM/month evaluated as well as a couple of career profiles each month. One of the aspects of baseball that most interests me is history and remembering some players we may have forgotten or never knew about will become a staple here. If you have players or GM’s you would like me to write about, simply e-mail me. The first two GM’s analyzed will be Steve Phillips (April), and Ed Wade-Phillies (May).
Overall, we really appreciate the readers and comments and are available to speak in the comments section plenty; our lengthier articles take time and effort to research and we would love open dialogues and discussions about our choices and areas to potentially improve. The rest of this week will feature a Year-in-Review from Pizza as well as his analysis of 3B Coaches.
Next week will begin our Roundtable and TWINS segments.


8 Responses to ‘Statistically Speaking’ Mission Statement

  1. Shane says:

    Sounds great. I look forward to the new content.

  2. I look forward to your looking forwardness.

  3. I look forward to having something to read so I am not bored at work 🙂

  4. All of the upcoming content sounds really interesting, and I’m especially looking forward to the GM evaluations (yes, even the Steve Phillips one).
    I would love to participate in the roundtable at some point.

  5. Tommy Rancel says:

    Keep up the great work.

  6. Thanks everyone. If anyone has suggestions for GM’s or players to do career profiles of let me know. With GM’s I don’t want to do EVERYONE but rather people whose careers or tenures with a certain team are done. Like I wouldn’t want to do Kenny Williams because he’s still there, but Ed Wade with the Phillies could be done, or Gord Ash with the Blue Jays, etc.
    As far as players, a couple that I have in mind are Jim Abbott, Fred McGriff, and Walt Weiss.

  7. I think a Walt Jocketty or Terry Ryan profile would be very interesting. The Cardinals and Twins were often looked at as the antithesis of “Moneyball” by the mainstream media, and I would be curious to see the accuracy of that perception.

  8. Jessica, one of the articles that inspired me to do a GM evaluation was written over at Baseball Analysts which evaluated Terry Ryan. What I’m planning on doing with mine is different than that analysis because there are numerous things that need to be taken into account when evaluating moves – for instance, not re-signing David Ortiz when nobody knew how amazing he would become, when he was still cheap, is different than not being able to re-sign Johan Santana who would cost a ton of money.
    With the GM analysis I plan on using Win Shares to judge the differential in results of the trade, as well as how well the free agent signings turned out, by specific position, as well as key draft picks, how players not re-signed compared to their replacements, etc.
    Jocketty I could do, though I wouldn’t to recreate Levitt’s work on Ryan. His results showed that, by Win Shares, Ryan’s moves had an overall effect of +201. Since 3 Win Shares = 1 Win, Ryan came close to a net result of 70 extra wins during his tenure.

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