Why Cy?

An article of mine, based on a chapter in the book I am currently writing, was posted on The Hardball Times today.  To read the article, click here.
The article is titled “Why Cy?” and centers around the life/era of Cy Young and analyzes his career.  It has long been a belief of mine that Cy’s gaudy career numbers are what generated his name being representative of this award and not his actual seasonal merits.  Naming an award after somebody suggests that the recipient of such an honor demonstrated, much moreso than anyone else, what the award represents.  The main question then posed is –
Doesn’t that mean Cy Young would have needed to consistently be the best seasonal pitcher, in his league, during his career?
Since there was no “best pitcher award” until 1956, and the MVP did not start until the year that Cy retired, I decided to investigate which pitchers would have won the Cy Young Award up until the award came to fruition.  I did this by putting my own spin on the Bill James Cy Young Predictor formula.  I applied my version of the formula to all seasons/pitchers from 1890-1955 and analyzed the results in order to see whether or not our guy Cy truly deserved to have the award for best seasonal pitcher in his name.
The research took me a good 2-4 days to compile so, if for nothing else, please read it to ensure my efforts don’t go to waste.  Click here to read the article.


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