Seidman’s Sabermetric Trivia – Vol. 1

I have written here with regards to my SP Effectiveness System and recently finished the 2007 Seidman SP Effectiveness Register.  The register contains seasonal and career statistics from 2000-2007 including official statistics as well as my own created ones (AQS, Adjusted W-L, Net Luck Rating, SP Effectiveness Pts).  The register is 83-pages, free, and can serve as either a fun read or potentially as help when evaluating free agent moves as well as for fantasy drafts.  You can download the register at MVN (there is a graphic on this and MLB main page) as well as my website,  
I am going to have Sabermetric Trivia posts at least once a month, possibly more if my colleagues here at StatSpeak and I ever experience a lull.  There are no real prizes, other than a hug if you want to drive to my house, but come on – trivia is fun!!
Here are 15 questions varying in difficulty.  Answers go in the comments section.  Today is Friday so I will close the comments box next Friday after putting in the answers.  You don’t have to answer ALL of the questions and I will keep a running tally of points in order to eventually name someone the 2008 Sabermetric Trivia Ruler of the Universe or something along those lines.
1) Who holds the record for most total bases in a game?
2) Name the most recent player to hit two Triples in the same inning.  Bonus – name the inning and the opposing team.
3) Who is the only player in baseball history with two Grand Slams in the same inning?
4) Three of the Top Five players in the category of “Most AB in a season” reached these AB plateaus while participating, at different points in their careers, for the same team.  Name these players.
5) Only two active players have had “consecutive games with a run scored” streaks of 17 games or more and, at one point in their careers played together for the same team.  Name them.
6) Who has the most Pinch-Home Runs in a single season? (It’s a tie..)
7) Two pitchers have recorded 18 seasons of 15+ Wins in their career.  Name them.
8) Who is the only Closer that has recorded 52+ saves on two occasions?
9) Which player has the highest career RBI total that has NEVER recorded a 100-rbi season?
10) Who holds the record for most consecutive seasons with at least one home run?
11) Who is the only player to lead the AL in Home Runs on two different occasions as well as the NL in Home Runs on two different occasions?
12) Who has the record for highest number of single-season RBI’s by a switch-hitter?
13) In the list of the Top 15 worst fielding percentages by an outfielder, only one is an active player.  Name that player – this may be a bit unexpected.
14) Only three players in baseball history have spent 10+ seasons on two different teams.  Name them.  Bonus – name the teams for each player.
15) On July 27th, 2005, THIS SP/Catcher battery formed the 9th OLDEST battery of all time. 
There you go.  Some should be easy, some should be very difficult.  Have fun.  If you have any questions, ask me.


8 Responses to Seidman’s Sabermetric Trivia – Vol. 1

  1. Pizza Cutter says:

    I’ll pony up. The winner gets a StatSpeak cookie (note: no actual cookies will be awarded) and my undying respect and admiration.

  2. Your face is very hard.

  3. Corey Seidman says:

    I don’t know some of these, so I’ll only post the ones I know or am pretty sure about:
    3) Fernando Tatis – DUH!
    4) Jimmy Rollins, Juan Samuel, and I don’t know the third.
    6) GREG DOBBS!!! Just kidding, i dunno.
    7) Greg Maddux, Cy Young
    8) Gagne? First name that came to my head just because of the streak.
    These questions were very hard.

  4. Dan Foster says:

    2) Corey Sullivan versus the Padres, 3rd inning
    3) Fernando Tatis
    11) Mark McGwire
    12) Mark Tiexeira
    15) Got to be Jamie Moyer and Pat Borders

  5. SirKodiak says:

    1) Shawn Green ?
    2)Cory Sullivan, 5th inning, vs. SD
    3) Fernando Tatis
    4) Dave Cash is the third one, he held the record for a while. I remember when I first started looking at records he was always ranked first in at bats
    10) Ty Cobb?
    14)Charlie Hough, Dodgers and Rangers; Carlton Fisk RedSox and WhiteSox are two

  6. You guys are all doing really well. All of this stuff can be looked up in case you’re wondering.

  7. 1. Shawn Green
    2. Fernando Tatis (and they were both off Chan Ho Park. Seriously, how does a pitcher get left in to do that?)
    4. Jimmy Rollins, Juan Samuel, and Dave Cash
    5. I’m going to guess that one of them is Kenny Lofton, which would really narrow down who the other one is.
    6. Dave Hansen and Craig Wilson
    7. Cy Young and Greg Maddux
    8. Eric Gagne
    9. Pete Rose
    11. Mark McGwire
    12. Mark Teixeira
    13. Vladimir Guerrero

  8. Here are the answers –
    1) Shawn Green
    2) Cory Sullivan
    3) Fernando Tatis
    As a side note, Jessica, not only did Park give up both Grand Slams, he ALSO gave up one of Cory Sullivan’s 2 triples in the same inning!
    4) Rollins, Samuel, Cash
    5) Kenny Lofton and Jim Thome
    6) Hansen/Wilson
    7) Young/Maddux
    8) Eric Gagne
    9) Pete Rose
    10) Rickey Henderson (1979-2003)
    11) Mark McGwire
    12) Mark Teixiera
    13) Vlad Guerrero
    14) Charlie Hough, Carlton Fisk, Eddie Collins
    15) Moyer-Borders

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