There might be hope for the universe

Check out this post over at MVN’s Yankees (*shudders*) page. The author attempted to makethe case for Derek Jeter over Justin Morneau in last year’s AL MVP voting. Then, he turns his attention to his pick for this year’s AL Cy Young. (He does get points from this Indians fanfor saying it should go to C. C. Sabathia.) It’s just that he doesn’t quite get why stats like RBIs are… shall we say… flawed. Unto itself, this would just be another case of the great unwashed who need to be enlightened and to stop listening to Joe Morgan, but read on into the comments section. People get it! They actually point out the flaws inhis logic and talk about VORP and EqA.
Then, there’s this dispatch from the Cleveland Plain Dealer, in which Indians assistant GM Chris Antonetti discusses why Joe Borowski is still the Indians closer, despite the fact that he’s liable to cause a heart attack every time he comes in from the bullpen in the ninth inning. The other two candidates Rafael Betancourt and Rafael Perez, both of whom have better numbers this year, are more valuable to the Indians coming into close score situations in the seventh or eighth inning where there are runners on base (translation: high leverage situations). The Indians are one of the more Sabermetrically inclined teams in the majors (they recently hired former Baseball Prospectus contributer Keith Woolner to their front office) so it’s not a surprise that they have a good understanding of what’s going on, but now we’re starting to see the ideas that Sabermetricians have been talking about for a few years creeping out into the mainstream.


4 Responses to There might be hope for the universe

  1. Jim Johnson says:

    Other way around, my friend. I picked Morneau over Jeter. When I drilled down to the most basic levels of production, he simply had Jeter beat. I elaborated a bit more in the comments section about why I didn’t really consider VORP a factor.
    And I’ve never listened to a single thing Joe Morgan has ever said 😛

  2. SaltedCracker says:

    Hey, Pizza Cutter;
    Its a little off topic, but I found an article that will absolutely kill you.
    The top highlight has to be this; “Maybe it is time that closers had their own comparable award. The potential inspiration for that is still among us — San Diego’s Trevor Hoffman, who with 519 saves has already surpassed the 511 wins by the pitcher whose name is on the Cy Young Award.”
    He actually makes a direct comparison of saves and wins….

  3. Pizza Cutter says:

    Thanks for driving me nuts. I can’t even begin to count how many things are wrong with that statement. My personal favorite was the honorable mention for Joe Borowski in the voting. JoBo is another one who’s not even the best reliever on his own team.

  4. Matt Souders says:

    *heavy sigh*
    And JJ Putz should probably have been used in the 7th and 8th during the mariners recent collapse, but that would waste him for that all important 9th inning save. 🙂

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