Fan fielding survey

Need to waste some major time at work?  Do I have a job for you!  You can even assuage your guilt by thinking “I’m helping a research project.”
Tango Tiger is running his fifth annual survey of the fans concerning fielding ability.  Basically, you go to this webpage, find a team (or teams) that you have observed  a lot and rate each player on seven defensive skills.  As Tom points out, “There is an enormous amount of untapped knowledge here. There are 70 million fans at MLB parks every year, and a whole lot more watching the games on television.”  He’ll publish the results on his webpage.  If you haven’t before, spend some time poking around his webpage.  It’s for the advanced Sabermetric scholar, but it’s informative nonetheless.
What Tango is going for on this one is the fairly well-established idea of the “wisdom of the crowds.”  If you get enough independent eyes on something, and average out all of the responses, it will produce a pretty good measurement of something.  There are times when the crowds fail.  Consider, millions of people are convinced that Paris Hilton has some sort of talent

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