Thankfully, it's over: Barry Bonds hits #756

Barry Bonds just hit his 756th career home run.


4 Responses to Thankfully, it's over: Barry Bonds hits #756

  1. David Hannes says:

    Thanks…don’t forget that Bonds’ also benefitted from new video and personal computing technology, and the 7% harder bats made of maple…and that short fence in rightfield.

  2. dan says:

    every year since 1995* there has been someone hit 47 homers (belle, mcgwire, and galarraga in 95-96)

  3. obsessivegiantscompulsive says:

    FYI: I think I read in a recent Ron Shandler piece on either HR or some HR hitter, but he analyzed everyone who had 30 HR last year and almost all of them are hitting HR at a much lower rate than they were last year.
    Eric Walker had written a piece on his website that the era of the Silly-ball started in 1993, when the run scoring rate went up significantly, for whatever reason, and his take is that the only possible explanation for the sudden change – steriods would have been a gradual one – is that the ball was juiced starting that year.
    Given that Shandler finds the HR rate for the top HR hitters has been depressed greatly (not so much for Ryan Braun! :^), perhaps the ball isn’t juiced anymore, that baseball decided to change the ball back to its previous 1977 composition, so that they can point to the reduced scoring and say, “See, our drug policies are working, run scoring is down now, everything is fine, you congressmen can now get back to other things.”

  4. obsessivegiantscompulsive says:

    Oops, forgot to give Eric’s website link:

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