The Big(ger) Game(s)

A continuation from yesterday’s post…
So I came upon this article today. It was written a couple of days ago but I hadn’t heard about this until today.
To be honest, I despise Scott Boras. He’s the baseball equivalent of Drew Rosenhaus – concerned with making a name for himself at the expense of the players he represents, and making his money at any cost. However, the idea of a nine-game World Series has always appealed to me, because it elevates the World Series, in a way, to a true championship series that is a larger test of will than say, the Super Bowl or the NBA Finals.
The idea of having a World Series extravaganza during the first two games of the World Series is, at the very least, intriguing. Financially, it could be an incredible boon for Major League Baseball, and the marketing blitz could certainly rival the Super Bowl. Competitive advantage, conceivably, would not be affected, as likely each team would play as the “home” team once during the two-game neutral site series. Once the World Series returned to the team’s parks, the Series would likely go to the traditional 2-3-2 format. (A 3-3-1 format might not be a bad idea either, but it does raise the possibility of the home field-disadvantaged team not playing a single game in their home park.)
I do agree that the season is already quite long, but if the league accompanies a World Series change with a shortening of the season (back to 154 games), the extension becomes a wash and the season still ends at approximately the same time. Granted, this whole idea is a far-fetched long shot, but anything to market baseball to a larger public can’t necessarily be a bad thing. Thoughts, anyone?


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