"Fixing" the All-Star selection system

Today over at Baseball Prospectus, Nate Silver takes a look at voting patterns for the All-Star game.


4 Responses to "Fixing" the All-Star selection system

  1. Samuel Lam says:

    Pretty nice ideas… I like voting for the other league and not your own team’s players.
    I just think that there should be an IQ test done if fans should vote
    but it’s just a fun game… people want to just have fun
    The HR derby is more exciting to me

  2. Doug Gray says:

    Hold on, Griffey is not who he used to be (who was though?) but he is going to be in the game because of what he has done on the field and not because of his name. The guy is having an incredible season. He hit 1 HR in April and despite that he is on pace for over 40 home runs this season and currently 3rd in the league in HR.
    As far as right fielders go, here is where he ranks among qualified players:
    AVG – .290 (2nd)
    OBP – .388 (2nd)
    SLG – .569 (1st)
    HR – 21 (1st)
    RBI – 50 (2nd)
    Runs – 43 (2nd)
    OPS – .949 (1st)
    So how does he not really deserve to go to the game again?

  3. Pizza Cutter says:

    Griffey actually is first in VORP as well among RF, so he’s not a horrible choice, statistically. But, he’s getting a lot of “I’ve always voted for Griffey” votes. Bonds (yes, Bonds) and Holliday are having better years. I can understand people not wanting to vote for Bonds for ethical reasons, but why not Holliday instead?

  4. Doug Gray says:

    Nothing wrong with Holliday other than Griffey is having a better season.

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