Why Bill Stoneman is smarter than I am

Here are the results for 2007, batting linear weights as of Tuesday night, and UZR as of last week. My sources are of course, MGL, the designer and only source for UZR data, and for the offensive numbers, Doug Steele. There are thousands of great stats sites on the web these days, but if you want to work with the data yourself, nothing beats a simple tab delimited text file. Doug updates MLB and NBA stats on a daily basis, and has been doing it for far longer than pretty much anyone else.
2007 LW plus UZR

For position adjustments, I used the following, per 162 games or 650 plate appearances:
1B/DH -10 RF/LF -5 2B/3B 0 CF +7 SS +8 C +10
I’m trying to look at the relative skill needed for each position, rather than the actual offensive output in a given league for each position. If a 4 team league had Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, Miguel Cabrera, and Jose Reyes at short, with Doug M, JT Snow, Darin Erstad, and Rich Aurilia at first, does that make 1st base the tougher position? Of course not. In the past I have used -15 or -20 for DH, to make a DH equal to a poor fielding 1st baseman, but I left the two positions the same because of the DH penalty. Players do seem to hit better when playing the field. I have included runs above average and runs over replacement, with replacement simply ROA + 20 * PA/650.
As for the title of the post, Bill Stoneman signed one of MLB’s worst to be his DH, Shea Hillenbrand. But one of the few players worse is JD Drew, who I really wanted to sign with the Angels. Aubrey Huff, another potential DH option, is pretty bad himself. Plus Stoneman won’t be stuck with the contracts of any of these stiffs once he releases Hillenbrand, signed to just a one year deal. Sure, JD Drew is better than this and will rebound, Huff probably will too, but it just seems like a good time to praise Stoneman and the team he put together.


2 Responses to Why Bill Stoneman is smarter than I am

  1. Rob McMillin says:

    Drew will pull it together… this year. The Sox will regret this deal in its final years. They may be bad enough in the 2008-9 timeframe to give the O’s or (gasp!) Devil Rays a shot by then.

  2. tangotiger says:

    Hmmm… good point about the DH penalty. It does work out to around 8 or 9 runs, so I think making the 1B and DH position adjustment the same makes perfect sense to me.

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