Top Position Players, so far

I’ve combined a park adjusted offensive linear weights with a position adjustment, the UZR figures published last week, and a rating for catchers based on steals, passed balls, errors, and wild pitches. I don’t have anything right now for baserunning, turning double plays, or outfield arms, but what I do have should do most of the job in quantifying players.
I’ll try and post the complete list later in the week, but for now here’s the top 10:
1. Magglio Ordonez +34. Great hitting and a surprisingly good +6 UZR
2. Grady Sizemore +30. Great fielding, good hitting, and 17/18 on the bases
3. Vlad Guerrero +28. I thought he’d be #1, but pretty close
4. A-Rod +25
5. Jose Reyes +23
6. Chase Utley +22
7. Ichiro +20
8. Russ Martin +19
9. David Ortiz +19
10. +18, tie, Beltran, Youkilis, Matt Holliday
Orlando Cabrera +17 is 14th, and Casey Kotchman +11, Reggie Willits +11, and Gary Matthews Jr +8 all have been better than Angels fans could have hoped for.
At he other end, Chone Figgins and Shea Hillenbrand (-15 each) have been among the worst. The only players worse are JD Drew (-17 – I’m eating crow right now for wanting him instead of Matthews) and Jason Kendall (-21).


3 Responses to Top Position Players, so far

  1. Pizza Cutter says:

    Good to see Grady getting some love!

  2. vdf says:

    I assume Bonds defense hurts him pretty bad.

  3. Sean Smith says:

    Bonds defense is only a little below average at -2. His defensive ratings have been surprisingly not horrible. Of course it all depends on who you are comparing him to. When the “average NL left fielder” includes Luis Gonzalez, Carlos Lee, Adam Dunn, Chris Duncan, Pat Burrell, and Josh Willingham, maybe a 42 year old with bad knees isn’t such a bad option after all.

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