Jack Clark and Jack Rabbits

That title perfectly describes the 1985 St Louis Cardinals.  Jack Clark led the team with 22 homeruns, nobody else hit more than 13.  They sure could run though, 5 players stole 30 or more bases, led by Vince Coleman with 110.  They also led the National league in runs scored, thanks primarily to a league best .336 on base percentage.
These days the Cardinals seem to be collecting as many former Angels as possible.  They are only a Troy Glaus away from having the 2002 starting Angel infield, and while Yadier never played for the Angels, having a Molina behind the plate is a very Angel thing to do.
The Angels now are fielding a team that looks a lot like those 85 Cardinals.  Vlad Guerrero is playing the role of Jack Clark.  With Reggie Willits replacing the injured Garret Anderson, the Angels have 3 legit leadoff hitters in the lineup (Willits, Figgins, Matthews) as well as 2 more who might not have the patience to bat #1, but whose games revolve around speed much more than power in Cabrera and Aybar.  They’ll be a better team when they add a few bats, such as the return of injured players Howie Kendrick and Juan Rivera, but right now, they are a very fun team to watch.


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