Total Zone, Part 2

I have made some progress on Total Zone in the last week.  Here’s part 1 in case youmissed it.  For outfielders, I already separated line drives from flyballs.  To further improve the ratings for outfielders, I added batter hand, as line drives and flyballs to the opposite field are more likely to be turned into outs.  I also added a road park factor, which is not a big deal in most cases, but makes a slight difference for someone like Manny Ramirez, who doesn’t have to play in front of a big wall on the road, while other AL leftfielders sometimes do.
For infielders, batter handedness also matters.  I did an adjustment for when first base is occupied, which affects 1st basemen, second basemen, and shortstops but has a minimal effect on third basemen.  I didn’t look at every combination of base or out situations.  I considered doing an infield park factor, using one factor for all positions (each OF position has its own factor).  The factors were not huge, all teams are between .98 and 1.02, but they did show as significant (that’s what happens when your sample is over 8000 groundballs per team) so I decided to leave them in.
And now, here are the ratings, for 2005 and 2006, players who met a minimum number of chances.


2 Responses to Total Zone, Part 2

  1. Sean Smith says:

    Thanks to MGL, for providing such detailed explanations behind UZR, and Tango Tiger, for posting links to those 4 year old articles on his site.

  2. Sean Smith says:

    To follow up on Pizza Cutter looking at interposition correlation, I looked at players who played Center Field and the corner spots.First I looked at players who saw at least 100 chances in center, and got an r = .155. That’s a sample of 69 players. I tried using a higher cutoff of innings, but the correlation wasn’t any better even using a cutoff of 500 chances, and now my sample is only 8 players.
    On average, center fielders are about 6 runs better than corner outfielders per 600 chances, but a player’s ability at one spot tells you little about how he’d play at another.

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