Slammin’ Sammy

I have an article up on The Hardball Times today about Sammy Sosa. My opinion is that Sosa was probably not a steroid user. Why? Read the article. Among this I forgot to mention in it, but are nonetheless important, is that Sosa did not test positive last year (or in 2003, according to Jay Jaffe’s sources) and that he has not been connected to any steroid factory, like Barry Bonds and BALCO. So what’s your opinion? Do you think Sosa was a user, or clean? If he was a user, is he still a Hall of Famer? How much do you discount his accomplishments?


2 Responses to Slammin’ Sammy

  1. Derrick says:

    Yes Sammy Sosa was always a great homerun hitter and as he moved towards his peak his ability to hit them increased. But anyone who watched him play for his whole career watched him balloon from the 180lb 22 year old Alfonso Soriano clone(or is it the other way around) in 1991 to the 250-60 lb bohemoth in 1998-2001 back down to 215 lb and falling Sosas of today. At some point he, like Conseco, looked almost cartoonish out there with a bat like a bobblehead put together from two completely different bodies.
    A homerun analysis can be tilted towards his cause because you say hey homeruns were increasing in general(though one must ask the question why?), he saw more pitches…yada..yada…yada. But a player who until 1997 had never posted an OPS+ above 128 averages an OPS+ of around 165 the next five years. That is not an expected peak jump. Can you name some other players who took peak jumps in OPS+ like that. As you said people suddenly seem more selective when pitchers start noticing they are putting up a .650 slug. % and start pitching around them. Anyways his OBP – BA didn’t rise that much anyways where with a 97 value of .49 to a 98 value of .69 and in 95 he had posted a .72 split. It was his Isolated Power that really took off.
    In 98 he suddenly became a tremendous hitter and his OBP increased from there as his intentional walks and fear from the pitchers grew from his ever inflating ISO.
    For Sammy it is more of concern than with most players. Without those 4 or 5 great year he nothing but a good outfield bat. This is not true for most HOF players. They tend to dominate when they are young , peak, and old alike.

  2. Benjamin Kabak says:

    Sammy admitted to using Creatine. I would find it hard to believe that’s all he ever used.

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