Poll: How many games will the Mets win in 2006?

Yesterday, I wrote about the 2006 Mets and their chances of capturing an NL East crown. Using a basic win share analysis, I predicted that the current Mets, a few players short of a full roster, would win at least 89 games. If you recall, I said 95 wins would earn them an NL East title.
Today, it’s your turn to chime in. How many games will the new-look New York Mets win in 2006? I voted for 93-96 games.

Finally, the results from Friday’s poll are in and you, my readers, don’t think Alfonso Soriano will do all that well in the vast confines of RFK Stadium. Here are the voting results from my poll asking how many home runs Soriano would hit in RFK Stadium:

Home Runs Votes
11-15 12 (39 %)
16-20 9 (29 %)
21-25 5 (16 %)
Fewer than 10 4 (13 %)
More than 25 1 (3 %)


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