Phlash agrees to join Phillies…for three years

Earlier this week, I wrote about Tom Gordon’s decline and his wish for a three-year contract. In looking at his declining strike out numbers and rising allowed OBP, I came to the conclusion that I would not give Flash the three-year deal he was seeking.
It seems, however, that Pat Gillick, the Phillies’ GM, has gone and done just that. ESPN’s Jayson Stark reported tonight that Flash and the Phillies reached a three-year, $18-million deal. Gordon, not known for his clutch pitching, will inherit the role vacated by Billy Wagner.
The Phillies, with this deal, are taking something of a gamble on the 38-year-old right hander who has shown the propensity to break down under the pressure of big games. In fact, his performance against the Red Sox in the 2004 ALCS probably cost the Yankees that series. In those seven games, he was abysmal, allowing 6 earned runs in 6.2 innings on 10 hits, 2 walks and just 2 strike outs. His overall postseason record is nearly as bad. In 17.3 innings (granted, a small sample size), hes allowed 15 runs and 20 hits while striking out 13 and walking 8.
To the further the case against Gordon and this contract, he’ll be making $6 million ostensibly to close as a 41-year-old for the Phillies. Gordon, though, was shrewd in negotiating this deal. He could have returned to the Yankees, but he wanted this third year guaranteed. He saw B.J. Ryan and Billy Wagner landing multi-year, multi-million-dollar deals and knew he could command a deal on a slightly lesser magnitude. So when the Phillies offered him what he wanted, he bit.
I think Gordon can close effectively for this Phillies team in 2006, but beyond that, I would be that Flash’s age catches up with him. You have to give him credit though for getting that third year out of a team desperate for a closer.


2 Responses to Phlash agrees to join Phillies…for three years

  1. Rob Bonter says:

    Yankees get Farnsworth (30) coming off a brilliant season for 17 Mil for three years. Phillies get Gordon (38) and on the verge of collapse, for 18 Mil for three years. They might have kept Wagner or raised the ante on Farnsworth. Either way would have done better than what they did and what they got. Gillick’s first mistake, and a potential disaster in the making. in effect he traded Wagner for Gordon, added age, lessened effectiveness, and saved money – until you factor in the cost of weakening your ball club. All this adds up to the Phillies not winning a division title they figured to have a real shot at winning.

  2. Tom G says:

    I just keep reminding myself, “it’s ‘only’ six mill, it’s ‘only’ six mill”

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