How much would Johnny Damon help the Yankees?

Great analysis by Bob Klapisch on ESPN today, where he talks about the difference between Johnny Damon and Bernie Williams, and quotes UZR! Now let’s look at the difference between the two. Offensively, Damon would add about 20 runs to the Yankees, a difference of two wins. But what about, and this is the big question, defense? Well, using my defensive ratings, which are pretty similar to (though not nearly as good as) UZR, we can answer this question. And what we’ll find is shocking: Damon is 2.8 runs below average while Williams is at -4.4, only 1.6 runs worse than the Sox centerfielder. In other words, offense and defense combined, Damon is worth maybe a little more than two extra wins year over Williams. Which would put the Red Sox and Yankees in a virtual tie for first place.


4 Responses to How much would Johnny Damon help the Yankees?

  1. Dan says:

    I’ve always believed Johnny Damon was overrated. He’s a good player, but will he be worth the $9-10 million that the Red Sox will need to pay him in the off-season? Maybe. I guess he has leadership, similar to Jason Varitek.

  2. David Gassko says:

    Damon is worth $7-8 million. No more. I don’t buy the leadership argument in his case.

  3. Chris says:

    Damon was an above-average defensive centerfielder when he signed with the Red Sox. However, he has been in decline ever since then.
    If the Sox ‘leader’ is the one talking to the media about how great it would be to play in Anaheim, new York, and just about every other baseball city… they’ve got problems.

  4. Rob Bonter says:

    Williams, at 37, is on a toboggan ride down a sharp slope. You have to monitor a player like this on a MONTHLY basis. These retread, has-beens generally have a good first half and tank in the second half. Ballplayers are like cars = depreciating assets. So many forget this. Look at his second half numbers for the real deal on his current value.

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