Power Rankings – August 29

The power rankings are back. I don’t have enough time to add comments, sorry:
1 St. Louis Cardinals
2 Oakland Athletics
3 Atlanta Braves
4 Los Angeles Angels
5 New York Mets
6 Chicago White Sox
7 Boston Red Sox
8 Cleveland Indians
9 New York Yankees
10 Toronto Blue Jays
11 Minnesota Twins
12 Houston Astros
13 Florida Marlins
14 Philadelphia Phillies
15 Milwaukee Brewers
16 Texas Rangers
17 Chicago Cubs
18 Detroit Tigers
19 Washington Nationals
20 Seattle Mariners
21 Cincinnati Reds
22 Baltimore Orioles
23 San Diego Padres
24 Los Angeles Dodgers
25 Pittsburgh Pirates
26 San Francisco Giants
27 Tampa Bay Devil Rays
28 Arizona Diamondbacks
29 Colorado Rockies
30 Kansas City Royals


3 Responses to Power Rankings – August 29

  1. Rob Bonter says:

    So many “Power Rankings” out there now. One such service could really step up by
    explaining its methodology. Or is it all just so much subjective guesswork?

  2. David Gassko says:

    Rob, it is not! In this case. What I do is simple. It’s Pythagorean record adjusted for strength of schedule. That’s all there is to it.

  3. Rob Bonter says:

    That being the case, I think you are right on as regards transposing your A.L. ratings
    into a wild card prediction. A’s or Angels to best NYY and Cleveland, based upon the
    division they play in, and their own peripherals, makes sense.
    We do part company as regards the National League wild card representative (not
    “winner,” it is a consolation prize for the FAILURE to win the division.) Houston and
    the Mets grade as the top contenders, with Houston getting my nod because the
    Mets play in the considerably tougher N.L. East. The NLE is 39 games over .500,
    excluding the Mets, whereas the NLC is 7 games under .500, excluding the Astros.
    This format, whereby the division you reside in has as much to do with your cham-
    pionship aspirations as your innate ability. is utter garbage. I am going to do a
    hatchet job on Messers. Selig, Giles, and Harrington who conceived this monstrous
    sell-out to TV, over at our MVN phillies sub-domain, as soon as I can bear subjecting
    myself to the depressing stupidity of it all.

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