Shawn Chacon traded to the Yankees

Sorry I was gone yesterday, internet problems kept me away. But I have plenty of stuff to talk about today. First of all, the Shawn Chacon trade. The Yankees, in desperate need of a starter, any starter for the weekend, dealt two prospects – Ramon Ramirez and Edwardo Sierra – to the Rockies for Chacon, who will provide an arm. But can he do more? Chacon’s 39/36 K/BB road ratio suggests a big, fat “no”. Chacon has a pretty good curveball, which one might expect to help him more away from Coors, but over the last three years Chacon has averaged less strikeouts and more walks on the road than at home. His home run rate drops drastically away from Denver, and Yankee Stadium should help him there as well, but it seems to me that he is going to get eaten up in the American League. Chacon has also been a horrible second-half pitcher (6.73 ERA vs. 4.95 in the first), which further suggests that he won’t do much to help the Yankees, other than eat innings.
The two prospects the Rockies received are not much; I would have held out for one of the Yankees’ better prospects if I were Dan O’Dowd. Ramirez looks like a decent prospect: he doesn’t allow home runs and has an okay K/BB rate, but even though he is still pretty young, I doubt he’ll be anything more than a reliever in the major leagues. Sierra, in my opinion, is a non-prospect. He’s not particularly young for his level, he doesn’t strike out too many batters, and he has atrocious control. The Yankees didn’t give up much here.
Overall, the Rockies got rid of a pitcher they didn’t want or need, and the Yankees got an arm, which is something they desperately needed (after all, their only other alternative was Hideo Nomo). Neither team really wins here, but both lose. The Yankees literally (as in they will lose games with Chacon starting) and Rockies because they could have gotten more, I think.


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