Red Sox trade for Tony Graffanino

The Red Sox traded Chip Ambres and Juan Cedeno for Tony Graffanino yesterday. Ambres is not a prospect–a useful fourth outfielder–while Cedeno is wild, and unlikely to ever make it to the major leagues. Graffanino is not a slugger–never had been–but he gets on-base, having put up a .298/.377/.393 line this year. According to the spectacular PrOPS system, Graffanino has been slightly better than expected based on his ground ball, fly ball, and line drive rates, but if he can put up the .283/.358/.389 that the system says he should have, the Sox should be more than happy. More so, despite his age, Graffanino has been one of the best defensive players in the major leagues this year.
In all, the Sox seem to have gotten a hell of a deal here.


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