Evaluating Wednesdayís Trades

The Colorado Rockies traded Preston Wilson to the Washington Nationals for Zach Day, J.J. Davis, and a PTBNL
For the Rockies, this was strictly a salary dump, for the Nationals, on the surface, Wilson adds some desperately needed offense. On the season, Wilson has 42 runs created and 5.7 RC/27. Once you adjust for Coorsí huge park factor, Wilson is getting 4.8 RC/27. Once you adjust for the Nationalsí park, heíd be at 4.4 RC/27. But Wilson will replace Ryan Church, whose numbers this season have been extremely impressive: 8.3 RC/27 and 33 RC. More so, the Nationals line up has been creating 4.7 runs per 27 outs, and even if you use runs scored instead of runs created, theyíre still at 4.4. So, at best, Wilson adds nothing to their line up. But really, heís hurting Washington. And this is why Jim Bowden should not be a major league GM.
Meanwhile, the Rockies are getting two young and cheap players who could end up doing nothing, but certainly wonít hurt Colorado in its rebuilding process. Day looked like a promising young pitcher, coming into this season before completely collapsing. He was in over his head in his first two seasons, thereís no doubt there, but this was pretty unexpected. Heíd never struck out a lot of guys, but his walk rate was shrinking to a respectable range before jumping insanely, while his K rate dipped. Maybe heís been injured, otherwise, Rick Ankiel disease seems to be the only other viable explanation. Weíll see. Davis is young and big, but in limited exposure, he has shown nothing.
The Colorado Rockies trade Joe Kennedy and Jay Witasick to the Oakland Aís for Eric Byrnes and Omar Quintanilla
After getting an absolute steal in the first trade, Dan OíDowd turns around and makes a very questionable, and pretty pointless move. Why acquire Byrnes, a relatively average outfielder with a bad personality for Kennedy, a pitcher who posted a 3.66 ERA pitching for Colorado last year, and Witasick, who is one of the best middle relievers in baseball and surely would have cost much more in a couple of weeks? Quintanilla is an okay prospect, but I think OíDowd should have held out. Oakland, meanwhile, unloads a player who has become a burden on the team, and receives a very good reliever plus a pitcher, who, if nothing else, is an okay lefty to have out of the pen. Billy Beane is a freaking genius.
The Boston Red Sox trade Jay Payton to the Oakland Aís for Chad Bradford
This has to be considered a dump for both teams. The Aís got plenty of pen help in the trade with Colorado, and theyíd been just fine with Bradford on the DL. Meanwhile, Payton was kicking up a shit storm in Boston, and he needed to be shipped out. The Aís get an outfielder that plays great defense, hits from both sides of the plate, and is cheap. The Red Sox get a reliever who was great a few years back and can still probably be pretty effective against righties. This deal is a wash.


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