Fun pitching lists

Something to think about as baseball takes a few days off:
Luckiest Pitchers (Most hits allowed below expected based on BABIP)
1. Roger Clemens
2. Pedro Martinez
3. Barry Zito
4. Jon Garland
5. Roy Oswalt
6. Roy Halladay
7. Ryan Franklin
8. Kenny Rogers
9. Jose Contreras
10. Joe Blanton
Notice that there are a bunch of power pitchers here (Clemens, Martinez, Oswalt, Halladay), and that both Zito and Garland have great K/BB ratios (as do the other four).
Unluckiest Pitchers (Most hits allowed above expected based on BABIP)
1. Sidney Ponson
2. Joe Kennedy
3. John Lackey
4. Tom Glavine
5. Carl Pavano
6. Jeff Francis
7. Eric Milton
8. Brad Halsey
9. Zack Greinke
10. Jamey Wright
Only Lackey gets any strikeouts, and other than Pavano, Milton, Halsey, and Greinke, none of these guys have any control. There seems to be a correlation between a good K/BB ratio and a good BABIP. With Francis, by the way, a lot of this is park effects (the huge outfield in Coors Field).
Most pitches per out
1. Chan Ho Park
2. Noah Lowry
3. Gil Meche
4. Jason Schmidt
5. Scott Kazmir
6. Daniel Cabrera
7. John Lackey
8. Joe Kennedy
9. Jose Lima
10. Jamie Moyer
A few guys who show up on the second list show up here which isn’t surprising since the worse their BABIP, the more batters it takes to get an out. Here you definitely notice a lot of guys with control issues: walks are not only costly in terms of allowing runs, but also in terms of going deep into games.
Least pitches per out
1. Roy Halladay
2. Pedro Martinez
3. Jason Johnson
4. Paul Byrd
5. Brian Moehler
6. Matt Morris
7. Mark Buehrle
8. Brian Lawrence
9. Greg Maddux
10. Jon Garland
Is it any surprise that all these guys–except Moehler and Morris, who have each missed a couple starts– are among the league leaders in innings pitched?
1. Mark Redman
2. Jarrod Washburn
3. A.J. Burnett
4. Sidney Ponson
5. Shawn Estes
6. Mark Buehrle
7. Carlos Zambrano
8. Chan Ho Park
9. Joel Pineiro
10. Jason Jennings
A lot of these guys are having very good seasons, in part because they can get two outs when they need them. It’s surprising not to see sinkerballers Derek Lowe and Brandon Webb on this list.
Least DP/BIP
1. Eric Milton
2. Jason Schmidt
3. John Patterson
4. Chris Young
5. Daniel Cabrera
6. Jose Contreras
7. Jose Lima
8. Bartolo Colon
9. Pedro Martinez
10. Scott Elarton
Think there’s a correlation between Milton’s astronomical HR totals and his low number of DP? Yeah, I’d agree. If you look at these two lists, it seems to me that the bottom list includes more players known for their “stuff”–Schmidt, Cabrera, Contreras, Colon, and Pedro–while the top list has a lot of guys who are effective, but don’t necessarily have the same “stuff” as the bottom group.
Best K/BB
1. Brad Radke
2. Javier Vazquez
3. Roy Halladay
4. Pedro Martinez
5. Johan Santana
6. Jake Peavy
7. Randy Johnson
8. Matt Morris
9. David Wells
10. Andy Pettitte
More proof that if you throw strikes, you’re generally going to do well.
Worst K/BB
1. Jason Jennings
2. Tom Glavine
3. Hideo Nomo
4. Ryan Franklin
5. Joe Kennedy
6. Victor Zambrano
7. Gil Meche
8. Runelvys Hernandez
9. Jamey Wright
10. Jose Lima
Otherwise known as the list of ten guys who shouldn’t be starting in the major leagues.


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