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Statistically Speaking was the brainchild of Evan Brunell (speaking) owner of MVN.com before its closing in January 2010.

I have received many requests for the archive of the original StatSpeak. Some people have been provided these archives, but there still does not remain a permanent home for some of the important sabermetric work that has advanced baseball evaluation greatly. That now changes.

When StatSpeak was first born, I brought on David Gassko to run StatSpeak. Gassko eventually gave way to Pizza Cutter, who begat Eric Seidman.  The three writers are among the most valued sabermetric writers to this day, while additional, incredibly talented writers also contributed to StatSpeak during its halcyon days (an impossibly small sample therein includes names such as Brian Cartwright and Mike Fast). I am extremely thrilled to have been associated with each and every writer and am grateful I was able to give a forum for discussion for, in my opinion, one of the most important revolutions baseball will ever see.


The original author of any of these articles has all rights to copy, save, republish, redistribute and/or create derivative works therein. No link back to this blog is required.

Anyone other than the original author may not copy, republish or redistribute any work published here without the express written consent of the original author. Evan will provide contact information as needed. Non-original authors may create derivative works, but a link to the original author must be provided. Those who wish to link to articles are certainly welcome to.

Unfortunately, the way archives work, there was no way to put the original author attached with posts. If you are one such author, I will provide you with a login to go and credit your articles accurately. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Evan Brunell
Proprietor, MVN 2003-2010


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