Warning: Low content post

I just read a post on FanGraphs entitled, “The Greatness Of Joe Mauer,” and the box on the right side of the page caught my attention. Here it is:

mauer dos.jpg

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3 Responses to Warning: Low content post

  1. Greg F. says:

    Rememeber that fangraphs WAR isn’t calculated for years before 2002, though. Mauer’s 23.5 WAR have been accumulated over 2578 PA and bonds 44.4 WAR were accumulated over the last 2801 PA of his career. So it’s not as close as that makes it seem.

  2. Dan Novick says:

    Oh yea I know that–that’s not really what I was pointing out. I just thought it was cool seeing Mauer and Bonds as “related batters” even though it only says that because they are both mentioned in the post.

  3. Attireefast says:

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